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Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  with rich natural resources is also famous for its natural treatment objects. The people from different places  of the world visiting these treatment objects recover  very soon.

The Daridagh (Thermal arsenic water) Balneological Hospital

Daridagh arsenic thermal water situated  15 km away from the  north - east  ofJulfa district is of   therapeutic importance of healing skin-veneral  diseases. Itching , impetigo, and piodermia can be examples for  these kinds of diseases. One should take several baths with  Daridagh water for the treatment of these diseases.  The duration of treatment seances is  different.

The heating degree of Daridagh thermal arsenic water coming  from the source is 520 C. But the temperature of the water to the treatment baths is between 37 or 39 degrees. Daily output of Daridagh thermal water is more than other existing therapeutic water sources. To be more exact daily output of Daridagh arsenic water source reaches  450.000. The best  among arsenic waters is  the one containing the mixture of alkaline and salt. All these features make Daridagh water take the first place not only in the Caucasus but also in the world among other arsenic waters. For instance, the most famous one among the same kind of the waters is Renkago and Leviko in Italy and Lya Bur Bul in France. Daridagh water is different compared to them. The level of arsenic in Renkago/Italy in comparison with Daridagh is  more  but its composition is not alkaline,it is not absorbed sufficiently by human body and does not give necessary curative effect. There was not  any health resort or hospital in the arsenic  water area until the middle of XX century, though  Daridagh water source had existed since XV century. A hospital with 5 bath capacity was first built in 1976.

A medical corps meeting international standards was built on the basis of socio-economic development of the state program in 2005. At present 2 new medical corps are being  used  in Daridagh. There are wide conditions and opportunities for medical aids in the corps. It’s possible to serve 25 or 30 patients during an hour in the corps.

Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center

Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center first started to function as a department with capacity of 50 beds in the Babek Central Hospital.The center was founded on December 29, 1979 and started to function on March 7, 1980. Taking  the needs  into consideration, the number of beds of hospital was reached to 100  in 1983. The hospital consists of two parts: the ground surface and the underground department. The ground surface is in the present Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center next to Nakhchivan Salt Mine Base. The underground department started to function in the  second salt mine of the mountain workshop. Its total area is about 15.000 sq.m. In order to facilitate 9,8 km distance from Nakhchivan city,  a sanatorium type building  was going to be built  next to the underground department of the hospital under the initiative of the Supreme Assembly of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the construction of  Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center was concluded  on December 21, 2008  which head of state Ilham Aliyev participated in its foundation laying  ceremony and its opening event occured on the fourth day of that month with the participation of the  president of Azerbaijan.




Bronchial asthmas (inflectiousl-allergic and atopicalforms), chronic bronchitis, , chorinic bronchitis allergic with ashmatic component, allergic rhino sinusoid pathologies, pre asthma diseases are treated in the center.

         Badamli Phisiotherapy Hospital was established  in the settlement of Badamli of Shahbuz region in 1980. The digestive system diseases (chronic gastritis, chronic hepathoe cholecystitis ), gall-stone diseases, chronic   enterocolitis , chronic gastrohelcosis, chronic pancreatitis diseases are treated with the help of healing  Badamly water  in this center.