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Nakhchivan State  Musical Drama Theatre named after J.Mammadguluzade, Nakhchivan State Puppet Theatre, Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre,Nakhchivan city, Sharur, Ordubad, Babek and Shahbuz Region Folk Theatres carry out acvtivities in  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.      




“Monsieur Jordan  va Darviş Mastali Shah” by Mirza Fatali Akhundov was staged at Haji Najaf Zeynalov's house for the first time by “Muslim Art and Drama  Society”  created  by progressive Nakhchivan  intellegents under  leadership of Eynalibay Sultanov. The Nakhchivan  theatre was  founded with this performance. Afterwards  “Molla Ibrahimkhalil kimyagar”, “Lankaran khaninin vaziri”, “Haji Gara” comedies by M.F.Akhundov, “Musibati Fakhraddin” by N.Vazirov, “Dagilan tifaq” by A.Hagverdiyev, “Nadir shah” by N.Narimanov and other works were staged.

In 1992 State Drama Theatre status is conferred  to the theatre. The Theatre was developing both in romantic  and  realistic directions. Works  by  world classics, musical works also take an important place in the repertoir of theatre. Generation of some talented actors and producers  became perfect at  this theatre.


The prominent playwright  J.Mammadguluzade's name was given to the theatre in 1965.According to the decree “ About the 125th jubilee of Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theatre named after  J.Mmammadguluzade” by the president of the Republic  of Azerbaijan dated  January 31, 2008, and  the decree “About celebration of the 125th jubilee of Nakhchivan  State Musical Drama Theatre  named after J.Mammadguluzade in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic” by  Vasif Talibov, the chairman of Supreme Majlis of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  dated  February 6, 2008, the 125th anniversary of the theatre  was  celebrated on a large scale.

The building of the theatre  was reconstructed   on the basis of a new project and it was put into use  on February 3, 2012.


            Address: HeydarAliyev avenue 26

                           Nakhchivan city

            Tel:          +99436 5452589 



The Theatre was established in 1989. It is named after M.T.Sidgi from 2004. Theatre has staged the plays  which played  an important role in upbringing of children and youth in the spirit of  national, spiritual-moral values, in formation of their outlook. Theatre went on  tours to other regions of Azerbaijan,  Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran, it took part in  puppet theatre festival which was organized in the Republic of Tajikistan.



The Nakhchivan State Child Theatre

It was established by the decree of the chairman of  Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic . Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre showed its first performance in 2006. It makes performances for children and  teenagers. The main difference of  this  theatre is that the actors are children. Theatre  made 11 plays  during its activity.


            The address: Nakhchivan, Haydar Aliyev Child-Youth Creativity Centre.


            Tel:             +99436 5453628


This cultural Institution was established in 1983, began its activity on the basis of Nakhchivan  State “Aras” Music and Dance Ensemble. There are Folk  Musicial Instrumental Orchestra, Camera Orchestra, Band of Variety Art, Music and Dance Ensemble, “Gamigaya” Instrumental  Ensemble and chorus collective in Nakhchivan State Philarmonic.  The creative staff of Philarmonic went on  tours  to  Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and so on and  made performances  with concert programs.





           Address: HeydarAliyev  avenue

                                 Nakhchivan city.

            Tel:         +99436 5456898

Nakhchivan State Children’s  Philarmonic

It was established by the decree of the chairman of  Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic . Folk Musical Instrumental  Orchestra, Camera Orchestra, Music and Dance Ensemble, chorus  collective carry out their activities in this cultural  institution.