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    There are 1162 historical-cultural monuments in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. 58 monuments are of  world , 455           monuments are of country and 649 monuments are of  local significance.

 The followings are included in the historical-cultural monuments.

 The archaeological monuments -663

 The architectural monuments -285

 The monumental art monuments -31

 The historical monuments -36

 The places for pilgrimage -140

 The nature monuments – 7


Gamigaya The Gamigaya pictography

          The religious –cultural monument complex                  “Ashabi-Kahf place of pilgrimage”

  "Nakhchivangala" historical and architectural museum complex


The Gazanchi fortress (3 millennium B.C) Alinjagala (III cent.)

The Khanagah of the Alinjachay (XII-XIII cent.) The Noah tomb (VIII-XII cent.)

The Garabaghlar tomb (XII cent.) The tomb of Usif Kuseyir oglu (XII cent.)


The Momuna khatin tomb (XII cent.) The Nakhchivan Jame mosque (XVIII cent.)


The monument of “Babak” The Gulustan tomb (XIII cent.)


Kirna tomb (XIII cent.) The Ordubad ice-house (XIV cent.)


The Nakhchivan Ice-house (XII-XIV cent.) The Gazanchi bridge (XVI-XVII cent.)

The Imamzadeh complex (XVI cent.) The building of Zaviya –madrasa (XVII-XVIII cent.)


The “Ismayilkhan” (Eastern) bath-house (XVIII cent.) The Aza bridge (XVIII cent.)


The Khan Palace (XVIII cent.) The “Koroghlu” monument


The monument of “Dada-Gorgud” Husein Javid mausoleum