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Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic can be called the land of museums.

Here 23 museums, Nakhchivan State Art  Gallery being museum type  establishment work. In the museums the number  of main fund exhibit is 107776 in general.


Heydar Aliyev Museum  

       The museum was founded in 1999. In the museum were collected stands devoted to the childhood and green years of  the national leader Haydar Aliyev, personal documents and materials, letters, resolutions and disposals, concerning to 1991-1993 years  working as a chairman of the  Nakhchivan  Autonomous Republic Supreme Majlis, copies of  treaties signed with Turkey and the Iran Islamic Republic in the cooperation field, appeals of citizens from various parts of the Azerbaijan Republic. Here personal belongings of great leader Haydar Aliyev are also kept.

There are 4563 exhibits in the museum in  general. In the museum library paper, magazine, album and books, video materials reflecting life and activity of the national leader Haydar Aliyev were collected

 Address: Heydar Aliyev  avenue 25

                Nakhchivan city


Tel.: +99436 545-92-98

         E-mail: aliyev-museum@nakhchivan.az


Nakhchivan State History Museum

Nakhchivan State History Museum was founded in 1924 as a history-ethnography museum.

Later was called History-Regional Geography Museum, from 1968 possesses present name. More than 48 thousand exhibits belonging to Nakhchivan rich, ancient history are preserved in the Nakhchivan   State History Museum.

Exhibiton mainly includes 4- ancient, medieval, present time  and modern  time. Museum consists  of 10 departments. Here are also exhibited various types of tool thing of Paleolit  and Neolit, grain stones,  boards of obsidian, stone hammers, bone needles, copper  and silver money samples discovered in the  NakhchivanAutonomous Republic territory, tomb of monumental Momina Khatun, Yusif Kuseyir builet by the prominent architect of the  Middle Ages Ajami Abubakir oghlu Nakhchivany and pictural materials about  other architectural monuments, carpet manufacture, jewelry,  braziership, pottery, carving  samples, beautiful handicrafts of folk masters concerning to decorative applied arts.

                    The address:  Istiglal str. 9

                                          Nakhchivan city


                             Tel: +99436 5450136, +99436 5450139      


The Literature Museum of Nakhchivan Autonomous

Republic named after J.Mammadguluzadeh

The museum was founded in 1966. It has 18674 exhibits. Precious manuscripts, applied and descriptive  art samples, ancient and modern books, paper and maqazines, memorial things and other museum materials reflecting centuries-old Azerbaijan literature  history are kept in its fund. Exhibition includes prominent  members of classic and modern  Azerbaijan literature, creativity  of poets, writers and art critics brought up in Nakhchivan.

There are works of painting and sculpture in various jenres  created by  Azerbaijan brush  masters documents delaying with Nakhchivan theatre history-posters,  programs, spectacle, sketches, also photos reflecting   prominent  theatre masters creativity in the exhibition and fund. Jalilkand branch of the  museum  works in Sharur  region. Here documents, photo materials and personal belongings of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, prominent Azerbaijan writer are exhibited.


                   The address:  Nizami str.19

                                         Nakhchivan city

                   Tel:  +99436 5451686


The Nakhchivan State Carpet Museum

 The museum was founded in 1998. It continued its activity in a new building from 20 March 2010 year. There are 3537 material-cultural samples in the museum fund. 331 of them are   carpets. 283  exhibits are exhibited. Exhibits were grouped according to  different  carpet manufacture schoolings. Carpets decorated with fine and deilcate ornaments concerning to different  periods  are exhibited in the  museum exhibition. There are fleecy carpets, mashraf, carpet without pile, cecim, kilim, sumakh, felt, mat, carpets having a plot and  others. Geometric and nabati form ornaments of carpets characterize our national culture dating  from the past . Carpets having simple, realist or abstract ornaments  are proof of high level  creativity  of our nation. There are 124  carpets of Tabriz-Nakhchivan group in the museum. In the museum  artistic embroidery  and cloth  items, arrow bogs of patch weaving, saddle-bag, rope, sack, saccada, wool  comb, wood havas, kirgits, iron  havas, loop kuife and other exhibits are exhibited.


        The address: Nakhchivan city, Haydar Aliyev Avenue 21

         Tel:  +99436 5453599


The museum under Open Air

The museum  was founded in 2002. It is in Ajami Observation of Nakhchivan city. It contains 450 exhibits. Here material-cultural samples-aries sculpture made of stone, stone inscription, different stone figures, grave sandugas and others of different periods  found in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic territory are preserved and exhibited.


   The address: The Ajami Outing

                         Nakhchivan city

     Tel:   0099436 5540218


The House Museum of Husein Javid 

The museum was founded in Alikhan district home of Huseyn Javid, romantic Azerbaijan literature founder in 1981.8456 exhibits were collected in its fund. Among them there are  photos reflecting life and creativity of Huseyn Javid, first editions of his works, works having  sign of poet,  posters and programs of staged drama works,  different  recollections  and household  goods and etc. Research works and recollections of Javid learners are also  exhibited in the exhibition. Here busts of Huseyn Javid and his family members were set.


     The address: Husein Javid str.4

                          Nakhchivan city   

      Tel:  +99436 5452726


The House Museum of Jamshid Nakhchivanski

 The museum was founded in 1981 anniversary year of general Jamshid  Nakhchivansky, the representative  of Kangarli khans family,  Azerbaijan Shooting Division commander in the house he lived. In the museum photos reflecting life and creativity of Jamsid Nakhchivansky, orders and medals, different documents, books, letters and  manuscripts,  personal belongings and household goods and etc, in general 3208 exhibits are exhibited. Among them there are articles and books devoted to Jamshid  Nakhchivansky, Azerbaijan Shooting Division history, the way of  fight passed hold special place.


       The address: Ataturk str.6

                            Nakhchivan city

       Tel: +99436 5452116


The House Museum of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh        

The museum was founded in 1999 in the house where Jalil Mammadguluzadeh   was born, spent his child-hood and green  years in Nakhchivan. In the museum  1708 exhibits  concerning to the life and  creativity  of great  literary man are exhibited. Among  museum exhibits there are personal household goods of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh  and family members, also works of the writer, documents belonging to his contemporaries and etc.


     The address: The blind str.2

                           Aghamalioglu  str.

                           Nakhchivan city

       Tel:  +99436 5456786



The Memorial Museum

Memorial  Museum was founded in 2000 with  the purpose  of immortalizing  memories of genocide  victims caused by armenians, the Nakhchivanians died in the battles  for the sovereignty and  territorial integrity  of Azerbaijan. In  the  museum 1849 exhibits   consisting  of genocide facts, martyrs  photos, materials  including fighting  activity against  armenians,  also  photos  of National  and Soviet Union  heroes, personal belongings  and other  materials belonging them are  preserved and exhibited.


    The address: Pishavari str.

                         Nakhchivan city

     Tel:  +99436 5445007


The Museum of Bahruz Kangarli

Bahruz Kangarli Museum was founded in 2002, Nakhchivan city with the purpose of immortalizing memory of prominted representative  of artistic trade,  realist tool painting  founder Bahruz Kangarli. Here 411  exhibits are preserved and  exhibited, 56 of them are of  original works of painter, others are photo copies of works,  also documents dealing with  family, life and creativity, household goods and other  materials. Because of illness  he lived short and got chance to be busy with creativity  only 7 years, B.Kangarli created 2000 pictures.


     The address: Ataturk str. 75

                          Nakhchivan city

     Tel:  +99436 5457111


“Khan Palace” State History Architecture Museum

Nakhchivan khanates was founded in 1747 by Huseyngulu khan, lived 81 year, due to the signed Turkmanchay peace treaty, 10 February  1828 liquidated, Nakhchivan and Iravan khanates were liquidated formally being Russian component. Being one of  18 feudal states,  founded from  1747 in Azerbaijan territory  Nakhchivan  khanate  has a  great role in our political  history.

In 1787-1797 years the ruler of  Nakhchivan khanate Kalbali khan I built  Khan Palace in Nakhchivan city. After 1820 sons of Kalbali khan I, Nazarali khan  and Ehsan khan I ruled  Nakhchivan khanate in this building. Although Khan Palace was in neglected condition within  different periods, it was preserved. Having a territory  of 9429 square km Nakhchivan khanate was  of great importance in Azerbaijan statehood  for its statehood traditions, preserving lands.

Taking into account Nakhchivan khanate's role in national  statehood, services in preserving  Azerbaijan  land  in this territory by the 23 October 2010 year resolution  of the Nakhchivan Autonomous  Republic Supreme Majlis  Chairman “Khan Palace”  State History- Architecture  Museum was founded.

At present there are more than 900exhibits in 8 exhibition  halls in the museum. Among these  exhibits archives, photos, Nakhchivan khanates family,  khanate map are exhibited, too.


     The address: Nakhchivan city, Haydar Aliyev avenue

     Tel:  +99436 5540218