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Ordubad roll with nuts




The people of Azerbaijan have very rich and high qualified cuisine, very high hospitality traditions. Since the old centuries meat and food products were considered the symbol of richness. It was believed that the more the tables were decorated the more fertile and productive  the forthcoming year would be . 7 out of 11 climatic zones in the world exist in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, its rich fauna and flora  and the geographical position arethe factors affecting Nakhchivan kitchen. Together with the meals belonging to Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan cuisine had specific meals, as well. The richness and amazing taste of Nakhchivan cuisine influence the kitchen of neighboring nations.

It is impossible to imagine any table without bread in Azerbaijan and also in Nakhchivan .That is why,  bread has different assortments  in Nakhchivan ; the tendir lavash as thin as paper, galin (thick), dastana, komba (ash cake) etc.

The meals – parcha bozbash, kufta bozbash, cholmak piti, bozartma, chigirtma, dolma, kabab, khash, noodle, umaj and others are frequently used in the cuisine of Nakhchivan. Plov is considered the chief meal in Nakhchivan. The main element of pilaf  is rice. But the garnish of pilaff is different and it is usually prepared from mutton, beef, chicken, dessert (wall-nut, nut, almond), dried fruits (apricot, plum, alycha (cherry-plum) etc., greens and other ingredients.

The Nakhchivan cuisine is also famous for its dough meals; noodle pilaff, umaj pilaff, the halvas made of wheat and rice flour, khashil, guymaq and others.

The milk and dairy products–milk porridge, bulama, gatigashi, gatiglama, dovgha, ayranashi, gurutashi and others occupy a very special place in the Nakhchivan cuisine.

The kinds of kabab were widely spread  in Azerbaijan. The lula kabab, tika kabab, basdirma kabab, tava kabab, sajichi kabab and other kinds of kababs are cooked. The kabab is mainly cooked of mutton, beef and also chicken.

Different sorts of fishes live in the lakes and rivers of Nakhchivan. The fish meals occupy a special place in the cuisine of Nakhchivan as: fish kababs, roasted fish, fish basdirma and others. The Nakhchivan cuisine is also rich with different juice, syrups, broths, pickles, salads and so on.

In Nakhchivan usually tea is served with different sweets and jam. The widely spread specific sweets of Nakhchivan are: the omlet of Ordubad and pakhlava, shakarbura, various cakes, bukmalar and others. As a result of fresh air and abundance of  solar rays and other factors of Nakhchivan,  the fruits, vegetables and other products growing here are very tasty and qualified. All these factors, in their turns, cause the prepared products–meals, sweets, syrups and juice to be tasty .


Arzuman kufta Lung kebab Chicken kebab
Cızbız Dolma kebab Cabbage dolma
Leaf dolma Hen soup Piti
Blue omelette with greens Khash Kuftabozbash
Soyutma Muzzle (roll) kebab Ovdukh
Piece bozbash Hen kebab Frying-pan kebab
Piece kebab Hen plov Qutab
Syrupy (sherbet)s Rose jam Walnut jam
Lemon syrupy (sherbet) Apricot jam Water-melon jam